ADAC Reisemagazin Nr. 170 - Allgäu

ADAC Reisemagazin Nr. 170 - Allgäu CoverNeuschwanstein is known all over the world, but the Allgäu is much more than this fairytale castle. The tourists who come to this region for hiking, wellness, culture and winter sports know this. The ADAC travel magazine shows new ways and tells new stories from an innovative holiday destination.
As a Start-Up founded in the Allgäu, Earebel plays a mayor role and is featured several times In the "ADAC Reisemagazin Allgäu – Nr. 170" from April/May 2019. In the rubric "Kurz & Gut" (Short & Good) on page 22 several Start-Ups and their products are presented. With the headline "Klangvolle Maschen" (Soundful meshes) the Earebel Striped Beanie from our Handmade-Prime collection is featured.

On page 111 the traditional values from the Allgäu region are described. Under the headline "Rebellische Kopfhörermützen und ein Vaterunser am Ofen" (Rebellious headphone beanies and a Our Father on the stove) the Earebel CEOs Didi Hirsch and Manuel Reisacher are mentioned that they choose this region to establish the brand, because it’s their home and a region with a high recreational value.
In addition, Earebel is part of the readers' competition and offers 5 vouchers worth 100€ for Earebel sets as the 3rd prize.

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ADAC Reisemagazin Allgäu - Page 22

ADAC Reisemagazin Allgäu - Page 111

ADAC Reisemagazin Allgäu - Gewinnspiel Beilage