Earebel starts crowd-investment campaign with CrowdPartner.de

Crowdpartner LogoIn order to implement Earebel's global brand positioning and awareness, the expansion of sales and marketing, and to realize the development and launch of new products, we have launched our first crowdfunding or crowd-investment project on the platform www.crowdpartner.de.

Starting from 100,00€ you can join us and support Earebel as a young, successful and ambitious start-up company with your investment with a lucrative interest rate of 7,0% p.a.

The interest rate of the investment is a whopping 7.0% p.a. and the contract is concluded for 7 years. That means with an investment of 1.000,00€ you will get back 1.490,00€ after the end of the contract.

We and our business partners from Crowd Partner will of course be happy to answer your questions.

We would be very happy about your support and would be pleased to welcome you on board.
(B)E A REBEL and become part of the Headphone Rebelution!

Here once again all data at a glance:
Duration: 7 years
Interest: 7.00% p.a.
Interest payment rhythm: annually
Repayment: Annuity loan
Interest date: 31.03.
Minimum loan amount: 100,00€

All further information and the contract can be found at: www.crowdpartner.de/earebel

Earebel flying the flag