I wear a mask - for you!

With our campaign and our products we want to make the wearing of masks an everyday occurrence.

Let us dare to wear masks, as many people in other countries have done for decades as a matter of course. Out of respect and sense of responsibility towards our fellow human beings.


Why do we suddenly offer masks?

Our mask made of bamboo yarn is no better or more effective than other masks without protection class, it only has the advantage that in everyday use it encourages looking and understanding, looks good and can be washed at 40-60 degrees. Our yarn is coated with silver ions. In these times it is important to reduce the risk of being directly coughned on or angnified, or simply to increase the barrier to the mucous membranes by masks of any kind. All the virus repellent masks are URGENT needed in clinics and health care facilities.

So wear masks like ours or sew your own masks!


For further Information read this article in FOCUS Magazine: