Allgäuer Ski-Magzin Nr. 50 - Winter 2018/19

Allgäuer Ski-Magazin CoverThe Allgäuer Ski-Magazin is the association organ and magazine of the Allgäuer Skiverband e.V. and is published twice a year. It informs all members about current news in the association, about events and results of the Allgäu athletes. In the 50th edition of the magazine Earebel is mentioned on page 96 in the column "SIO Bote" under the heading "Sponsor Earebel".
At the start of the winter season, the 13 new athletes of the Ski boarding school were welcomed with a starter package from the Allgäu-based company Earebel. The Allgäu-based start-up welcomed the athletes and wished them a successful start into the new school year and the upcoming season. The welcoming gift is a practical headphone integrated into the beanie, which can easily and handy be connected to the smartphone or MP3 player. Ideal to enjoy a great sound during training.

Allgäuer Skiverband e.V.

Allgäuer Ski-Magazin Page 96