Radical Sound Comfort for the MENA region

Earebel found new partner and distributor in PRO TECHnology

PRO TECHnology LogoTo open up new markets and to bring “Radical Sound Comfort” to the Middle East and North Africa, the German based headphone and headgear manufacturer Earebel increases their distribution network by partnering up with Dubai based company PRO TECHnology. From now on, the company with its own Retail Distribution Division will be Earebel’s B2B partner and contact for all interested customers and retailers in the MENA region.

With its knowledge and experience by serving the MENA region for more than 9 years now, PRO TECHnology will support and advice Earebel for all sales and marketing concerns, be the distributor for the region, establish the Earebel products on their market and boost the brands fame in the Middle East and Northern Africa with ease.

The easiest and most comfortable way to wear headphones

Earebel is the only On-Ear-Sound-System that combines stylish high-quality headgear with interchangeable high definition Bluetooth® headphones with “Sound by JBL®”. The highly functional products of the Earebel Sport Collection made of Polartec® fabrics meet the needs and demands of athletes especially in warmer regions with a hot humid climate and high temperatures perfectly. The thin summer headgear is extremely breathable and fast drying, the interchangeable Bluetooth® headphones fit perfect and stay on the ears, especially during movement and when the athlete is sweating. This combination of extremely comfortable headgear and perfect sound is called “Radical Sound Comfort”. And besides the unique music listening experience Earebel offers, the Bluetooth® headphones have an integrated microphone. So every Earebel is also a fully functional headset to make telephone calls easy and hands-free.

PRO TECHnology specializes and gives focus on two segments, “IT Mobility” and “IT Lifestyle” and so the distribution portfolio encompasses accessory solutions that reflect innovative and Lifestyle brands in today’s highly personalized & globalized market and Earebel is the wearable that perfectly connects mobility, music and communication, the two companies are a perfect match and complement each other seamlessly.

Earebel founders and CEOs Manuel Reisacher and Didi Hirsch: “We are really happy to have found a strong and experienced partner for the Middle East in PRO TECHnology. Their knowledge about the market and the needs of customers in that region will give our brand a big push for worldwide recognition and will help us to fulfill our vision to be known as the most comfortable headphone on the market.”

About PRO TECHnology Distribution

Headquartered in Dubai, PRO TECHnology continues to evolve, embrace and gain its significant reputation as a leading IT solution provider in MENA region. The company today, has unparalleled regional presence. Since its establishment in 1998, the company incessantly introduced to the region a well selected range of unique products, an array of vertical solutions, and implemented sophisticated and high-end applications.

With the efficiency of a goal-oriented team, and the continued trust of renowned vendors, partners and clients, PRO TECHnology remains to stay at the helm of IT standards and affirms its thrust tap to provide technological professionalism.

Along with the vast expansion of Information and Communication Technology within the MENA Region, PRO TECHnology has built its own Retail Distribution Division with a mission to serve its clients who commits to high standards, yet retaining their freedom of choice.

The Division has partnered with the leading names in the IT and Mobile Accessories segment, aiming to equip the market with complete mobility, combining function and form. The division has been serving the MENA region for more than 9 years now, and to date is expanding its horizon towards becoming the biggest distributor of IT Accessories in the Region.