Earebel - The most comfortable Bluetooth Sport Headphone


Earebel - An innovative productAN INNOVATIVE PRODUCT. The Earebel Story was born from the love to innovative design, sport and music and the motivation to create a product of special value that combines these passions. Earebel is a product that gives wearers a completely new listening experience while being active, enjoying the outdoors or doing sports.

Together with our Mum Pia, we have developed the first hand-knitted beanies to  integrate our headphones directly. On that basis we developed Earebel as it is today: Earebel is not just a beanie or a headband with interchangeable headphones - Earebel is a brand at the centre of the three biggest trends in society today: sport, music and lifestyle.


RADICAL SOUND COMFORT. Our mission is to bring music enjoyment to all ages and to make listening to music more practical and natural for everybody with an active lifestyle. We have successfully developed a high-quality alternative to normal headphones, which combines pressure-free wearing comfort with full, bass-heavy sound. Surrounding noises are still noticeable at a normal volume. Be ready for change. Be ready for Radical Sound Comfort!

Earebel - Our Mission: Radical Sound Comfort



The splash-proof and removable headphones are easy to use in any of our beanies and headbands. The Headphones connect within a few seconds via Bluetooth® to any MP3 player or smartphone. With the soft-touch control button you can control the music selection, volume or answer calls. A built-in microphone in the left headphone allows hands-free use. In addition, the Earebel Bluetooth® Headphones also fit into the earpads of numerous Ski helmets and can be integrated or worn with our headbands and beanies under various ski, bike or climbing helmets.

All further information about our headphones can be found on our "Technical Data" site.

Earebel Bluetooth Headphones Technical Data



From the beginning on we were aware that Earebel can be much more than just hand-knitted, woolly warm beanies for the cold months. The need for a different and more comfortable way to wear headphones is also given in the summer or at warm temperatures when you are active outside. So with Earebel everyone can find the perfect headgear, whether to use in fun and competitive sports or for any other activity. Beside winter beanies and headbands you can find your perfect headband and beanie made of functional material for spring, summer and autumn and even for the gym in one of our three collections: STYLE, SPORT, and PRIME.

Earebel - Our 3 Collections



We are designers from the bottom of our hearts and always in search of creating special details. Therefore, we chose a succinct name and an independent logo design. This conciseness is optically underlined by the lightning bolt. It signifies new ideas, technology and sound. With Earebel we guarantee undisturbed music enjoyment with legendary sound. 

Earebel Logo

Earebel stands for revolutionary and above all comfortable music enjoyment. The tagline "Radical Sound Comfort" describes our brand´s special USP briefly in three words.

Earebel Icon

The Earebel signet "e" with the flash is the reduction of the most important part of the logo and the initials of the brand. In addition to brand communication, it is also printed directly onto the left headphone and thus constantly made visible to the consumer.

Earebel Target Groups