Earebel is closing the gap between consumer electronics, emotion and lifestyle. Sport, Style and Music are deeply enshrined in the Earebel DNA. If you want to transport theses values and emotions  to your customers, clients or employees, we will work out the perfect solution to collaborate with you!

Earebel offers high-quality products that connect the dots of today’s demands on functional sports- and cool lifestyle-products and technical gadgets. As Earebel attracts the attention of creative minds, athletes, sound-lovers and fashion-trendsetters all over the world, it is the perfect B2B product with a unique value. Whether as a gift for special customers and clients, as a present for your employees or as an incomparable product in your shop collection,  Earebel will bring you the Radical Sound Comfort.

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Earebel Porsche E-Performance Collaboration

PORSCHE | E-Performance

"Performance, electrified" is Porsche’s slogan for their E-Performance line and sums up our collaboration with the world-famous German car manufacturer pretty good. Principles like "openness, purism, clear architecture, driver orientation and suitability for everyday use" are part of every Porsche car since 1948, fit perfectly together with Earebel values and could also be the characteristics of Earebel headphones and headgear.
To bring Porsche’s German engineering greatness and the future of wearable technology represented in Earebel together, Porsche partnered up with Earebel to design a gift for their E-Performance customers. If you bought a new Porsche E-Performance model in 2018, you do not only drive the sportscar of the future now, but you are also a proud owner of the limited "Earebel x Porsche Slim Beanie", which was to be found on the drivers seat when you picked up your new ride.



Earebel Viessmann Collaboration

VIESSMANN | Viessmann Selection Shop

Complete. Efficient. Sustainable. The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of energy systems. Founded in 1917, the family business employs 12,000 people. With 23 production companies in 12 countries, sales agencies in 74 countries and 120 sales offices worldwide, Viessmann has an international orientation and a yearly revenue of more than 2.3 billion €.
Out of conviction and enthusiasm for top-class sport, Viessmann is also one of the biggest sponsors in international winter sports such as biathlon, skiing, ski jumping, cross-country skiing and bobsledding. Anyone who sees winter sports on television also knows the orange Viessmann headbands that are worn by numerous top athletes on their way to success.
As sport and music just perfectly match together, you can now find the "Earebel Performance Headband - Limited Viessmann Edition"
in the Viessmann Selection Shop.



Earebel Ford Performance Collaboration

Ford Performance | Ford Lifestyle Collection

Ford Performance (formerly Ford Racing) is the high performance division of the Ford Motor Company and the multinational name used for its motorsport and racing activity. As a world-renowned car manufacturer with high-quality cars and concepts, Ford is not only building and selling cars like the legendary Mustang, the car company from Detroit also embodies a mobile, fast forward moving and future-oriented lifestyle which can be found in the products of the Ford Lifestyle Collection. Earebel is proud to be featured in the Ford Performance Camo Collection with the limited "Earebel x Ford Camo Light Beanie" and the limited "Earebel x Ford Performance Stained Beanie".



Earebel Bucherer 1888 Collaboration

BUCHERER 1888 | your Jeweller for luxury watches and jewellery

Founded in 1888, the family-owned Bucherer Group is one of Europe's most traditional watch and jewelry retailers. The company's stores attract an international clientele with jewelry creations and an extensive choice of luxury watch. Among its specialties are the Bucherer jewelry lines together with other exclusive creations from its own workshops.
As Bucherer 1888 represents luxury products of highest quality, it’s no wonder that the Swiss group has chosen the limited
"Earebel x Bucherer 1888 Slim Beanie" as a gift for their most loyal customers.



Earebel SpVgg Unterhaching Collaboration

SPVGG UNTERHACHING | "Mehr als ein Verein"

"Professional, Young, Strong in Character, Modern" are the four cornerstones of the soccer club from Unterhaching in the south of Munich. Currently playing in the "3. Liga" (3rd league), players, club members and fans all live the "HachingGen" where strong regional solidarity meets sympathetic occurrence. Haching is "More than a just a club"! "Haching to me is like a family where everyone is there for each other. Only together and with strong partners at our side can we achieve great things and make our dreams come true", says Josef Welzmüller, Captain of the pro-team. As a strong partner Earebel equipped all players of the pro-team with beanies and headband in the "Haching-Style".



Earebel Meine teuflisch gute Freundin Collaboration

MEINE TEUFLISCH GUTE FREUNDIN | German Motion Picture (2018)

"Meine teuflisch gute Freundin" is a German comedy by Marco Petry with Emma Bading, Janina Fautz and Samuel Finzi in the leading roles. In the motion picture from 2018, the devil's daughter comes to earth to corrupt a schoolgirl. Instead, she falls in love with her new classmate. For the start of the movie in summer 2018 and for the DVD-/Blu-Ray-Start right before Christmas,
Earebel  partnered up with Wildbunch Germany and designed the special "MTGF Light Headband" which was available at cinema box offices and in the Earebel Webshop.



Earebel Sitour Collaboration

SITOUR Germany | Advertising and image campaigns in ski resorts worldwide

sitour has been a partner of mountain railways worldwide for over 50 years. Advertisement where others go on holiday. In 7 countries and more than 1000 ski resorts, sitour shows everyone who is on the move in the mountains the right way - through piste markings and panorama boards. sitour is the world's largest provider of these important information sources. From Aspen to Zuers, sitour uses the positive image transfer of the mountain world for the products and statements of its customers, without counteracting their advertising effect. sitour uses the mountains for more emotions in communication. And as sitour employees mostly work in the mountains and need free hands, they now use Earebel beanies and headphones with its integrated microphone for communication while working.