All beanies and headband of the Earebel PRIME collection are handmade with love in Bavaria! "Mum Pia" was the first Earebel knitter and is the mother of Earebel co-founder Manuel Reisacher. Therefore every handmade Earebel product is subject to the strict quality control of Mum Pia.

Mum Pia has ever since had a passion for knitting. Without her and her ideas Earebel would not exist as it is today. Together with Mum Pia we developed the first designs to integrate headphones directly into our beanies in 2011.

The Earebel handmades are cuddly-warm, absolute eye-catcher and are knitted with passion, love and great attention to detail by our Mum Pia and her diligent knitters in pure handcraft in the Allgäu in Bavaria. Therefore every beanie and headband of the Earebel PRIME collection is a unique handmade masterpiece! If you have a special wish about colors or shapes of your handmade beanie and ask Mum Pia dearly, she will certainly not refuse your request.

As wool, we mainly use pure new wool of noble quality, which is specially made for Earebel. Pure new wool has exceptional thermoregulation properties: The beanies and headbands keep wonderfully warm, are naturally water-repellent and moisture is optimally absorbed.


MADE by MUM - Knitting with love since 1952