Earebel Made Listening Powerful Again with Radical Sound Comfort

Push the button & push your limit! (B)E A REBEL

Athlete: Daniel Ramspott
Edit: Julian Müller
Music: Kip Blake - S.T.F.U.
Date: June 2017

The beanies and headbands of the Earebel Sport collection offer a revolutionary music listening experience with Radical Sound Comfort! The Bluetooth® headphones with integrated headset for listening to music and making phone calls offer brilliant and powerful sound and unbeatable wearing comfort! Earebel is the perfect headphones for sport activities as there is no slipping off your ears and no pinching in your ears - just Radical Sound Comfort!

Daniel a non-medical practitioner, yoga teacher and graduate sports scientist and has a Practice for Osteopathy and Yoga Therapy in Munich. For Daniel it is close to his heart to regard every human being as an individual and to give them the necessary impulses on their way to health. As a therapist he works with his hands to find and dissolve states of tension in the tissue. He harmonizes the different body systems with each other and gives the body the possibility to heal itself. So Daniel knows how important a healthy body and a healthy mind are. To stay in shape he works out and stays motivated by listening to music with his Earebel headband while being active.