Actionsport & Crossfit with Radical Sound Comfort in the Streets of Munich

Push the button & push your limit! (B)E A REBEL

Athletes: Sabrina StadlerRobin Hertscheck
Edit: Julian Müller
Music: Ape Shifter - Uhluhtc
Date: September 2018

The new Earebel functional sport collection offers highest wearing comfort and pure sound for all your sports and activities. No matter if you go skateboarding, ride your BMX or workout with your friends, the Earebel Bluetooth Headphones - integrated in our Beanies and Headband - offer you Radical Sound Comfort!

Sabrina is a sports and outdoor model based at the outset of the alps. Her love to sports and nature was set up when she was born and grew up in the south of Germany in between mountains, lakes and a great deal of possibilities to move outdoors. She performs excellent in rock climbing, hiking, trail running, ski mountaineering and snowboarding and of course likes to listen to music while being active. As she loves doing fitness, yoga, pilates and pole dance, Earebel is the perfect headphone for her as there is no slipping of the headphones no matter how you move.

Robin is a real "jack-of-all-trades" and a true all-round athlete. He rides his BMX bike like a pro and knows how to style on a skateboard. As personal coach and trainer for everfits he shows his clients how to do functional outdoor training the right way. Besides being a model for Instyle Models he is an Ambassador for "Hand in Hand for Kenia" (a self-initiated fundraising campaign for families in Kenya) and runs his own Edeka supermarket near Munich. And of course, while being so active Robin likes to listen to music. No matter what he does, crossfit or riding his BMX bike, he brings his Earebel beanie or headband, puts on the Radical Sound Comfort and leaves the world outside and concentrates on his activities while being active and hearing his favorite music.