Training Mask 2.0

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  • Training Mask 2.0


Training Mask 2.0

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Elevation Training Mask® 2.0 is a state of the art, patented, pulmonary resistance muscle trainer. Training Mask 2.0's effectiveness is in its unique design which allows athletes to strengthen the respiratory musculature via its one of a kind Flux Valve Air Resistance System. The Training Mask 2.0 introduces a new and innovative way to train, improve high intensity exercise tolerance, and improve post workout calorie burn. The new age of fitness is about working out smarter...not harder. No other exercise implement available today can help you to break past training plateaus in endurance, anaerobic conditioning, and overall fitness quite like the Elevation Training Mask can. 

Color: Black Out

Sizing Chart:

S 45 - 70 100 - 149
M 70 - 115 150 - 249
L 115 + 250 +

Training Mask® 2.0 sizing is designed to match the contour of your face based on weight. As weight increases or decreases, you may need to change mask size. All masks have the ability to swap multiple sized sleeves (i.e. large sleeve will fit S, M and L sized silicone mask.)

Made in the USA!

TrainingMask 2.0® is Made In The USA and comes with:

  • 1 Contoured form fitted comfort sleeve
  • 1 Patented Flux Valve Rebreather Apparatus
  • 1 Training Mask 2.0 User's Manual
  • 1 Overhead Mask Stabilizer Strap
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity to register online
  • 6 Quick Change Snap on Resistance Caps, providing 6 graded levels of resistance

Headphone & Headset

Build-in microphone Take handsfree phone calls Soft-Touch-Control-Panel


Bluetooth® Version: 5.0 Range: 10 meters Any smartphone and MP3-Player

Rechargeable Battery

3.7 V rechargeable battery 8 hrs of operating lifetime 30 hrs standby

Radical Sound Comfort

Most comfortable headphone ever Highest wearing comfort Pure & perfect sound quality

Perfect sport headphones

Perfect fit No slipping No pain in your ears